Eric Greene

Eric is an independent IT professional who loves learning new things, sharing what he learns, and helping clients solve business problems. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the Virginia Military Institute and numerous software certifications, including the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer certification. Mr. Greene has experience programming mobile, Web-based, and desktop applications using a variety of commercial and open-source platforms including .NET, PHP, Node.js, Linux, Windows, SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL, Postgresql and even a little MongoDB. He has worked with companies large and small, on-site and off-site to help his customers meet their software development needs.


Course Title Duration Topic Updated
Using React with Redux 01:05:13 React,Redux,JavaScript 11 Jan 2017
Introduction to Redux 01:45:35 Redux,JavaScript,Web 30 Sep 2016
Building Desktop Apps with Node.js and Electron 01:24:18 Node.js,JavaScript,React,Electron,TypeScript 11 Aug 2016
Node.js Express Web Applications 01:07:30 Node.js,JavaScript 10 Aug 2016
Node.js Express REST Services 00:57:03 Node.js,JavaScript 01 Aug 2016
Node.js Packages 00:57:48 Node.js,JavaScript 31 Jul 2016
Node.js Files, Streams, and Buffers 01:05:10 Node.js,JavaScript 20 Jul 2016
Node.js Modules 01:00:19 Node.js,JavaScript 18 Jul 2016
Introduction to Node.js 01:13:27 Node.js,JavaScript,Web 30 May 2016
Game-Changing Features in ES2015 01:06:08 JavaScript,ES2015 12 Mar 2016
Introduction to React 01:00:15 React,JavaScript,Web 01 Mar 2016
Introduction to Visual Studio Extensions, Part 2 00:59:52 Visual Studio 15 Sep 2014
Introduction to Visual Studio Extensions, Part 1 00:58:32 Visual Studio 08 Sep 2014